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I am doing a study or a story on greenhouses and community gardens. Where can I find more information on the Inuvik Community Greenhouse?

The Community Garden Society of Inuvik is run by a volunteer board with help from one employee from May to September. We strive to answer everyone’s questions and to help as much as possible. However the board is full of busy people and we do ask that people look at the website first to answer the basic questions they may have. Other questions can be answered or a formal interview can be set up by emailing us or calling us. Our phone is operational from May to September, but the email is checked throughout the year.

Does the greenhouse operate in the winter?

No. The greenhouse closes at the end of September. Around this time the sun starts to disappear into its winter slumber and the amount of light dissipates quickly along with the temperature. The greenhouse reopens again around mid-May, depending on temperatures.

The door is locked; can I see the greenhouse? If the door is wide open, can I come in?

Of course! Unfortunately due to thefts and some vandalism, we have had to install a numerical lock on the door. We do have volunteer-led organized tours of the greenhouse on most evenings from June to the end of August. If the door is open, it usually means that the coordinator or a member is in the greenhouse. Please feel free to come in, but please be respectful of people’s gardens. And please sign our guestbook!!

Where does your funding come from?

The Community Garden Society of Inuvik completes many fundraising proposals each year. We do not receive regular funding. Recently, we have received funding from ITI of the Government of the Northwest Territories. We also rely on local fundraising such as bingos, community cleanups, and other fundraisers. We have received funding from local companies in the form of donated labour, supplies, and money. Other larger companies have also sponsored us in the past. See our  Thank You  page as well as our  How to Sponsor the Greenhouse  page for more information. We also have a donation box in the greenhouse as well as a gift shop full of great souvenirs and gardening goodies!

Are there other community gardens in the Northwest Territories?

Yes! And they are growing every year. The Inuvik Community Garden Society is proud to provide any assistance and advice to other communities in the NWT. Our commercial greenhouse has recently started providing starter plants to fledgling community gardens within the Beaufort Delta area. Please see our  Links  page for information on other northern gardens.

Do people garden in Inuvik outside of the Inuvik Community Greenhouse?

Yes! Many people have actually started gardening in the community garden, and have moved on to create little greenhouses or raised bed gardens in their own backyards. This makes us as a society very happy – the more gardeners the better! Our Vision is “Promoting Community through Gardening”, and we encourage all gardeners and members of our community to take advantage of our programming, the beautiful community space, and our commercial greenhouse.

What other activities happen at the Inuvik Community Greenhouse?

The Inuvik Community Greenhouse has been used for weddings, parties, and art nights. Our classroom has displayed art shows, held community meetings, and housed our kid’s gardening club activities. We hold the Annual Fall Fair in mid-August, celebrating our harvest with the community with pie-eating contests, kid’s games, and gardening awards.

The building looks like a hockey arena…

You’re right! The Inuvik Community Greenhouse was created from the hockey arena that used to be attached to Grollier Hall, one of Inuvik’s residential schools. Grollier Hall was torn down in 1999, and a group of community members petitioned the Town of Inuvik to turn the hockey arena into a community garden. The commercial greenhouse is housed upstairs where parents used to watch kids play hockey, and you can still see the puck marks on the northern walls.


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