Welcome to the Inuvik Community Greenhouse!

We began our role as a community greenhouse in 1998 when volunteers transformed an old arena into a fully functioning greenhouse. This space is used by local residents who enjoy gardening here, paying a small fee for a plot and contributing a few volunteer hours. In the summer, Inuvik gets 24 hour sunlight which results in great harvests in a short period of time! On the second floor, we have a commercial space where plants are sold to cover operation costs.

We have over 170 beds in the greenhouse for members. As community is the heart of the greenhouse, we also have dedicated plots for elders, group homes, children’s groups, the local food banks, and more.

Returning members will have access to their own plots through key fobs. New members are asked to contact our Coordinator, Adi, at coordinator@inuvikgreenhouse.com to get a membership, arrange for a key fob, or more information. Everyone is welcome!!!

We are OPEN for the 2022 season!