Kaytlin Cooper

Position: Outgoing Chair

Kaytlin: you will be missed on the Board of Directors! Thank you for your service.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Kaytlin has been in Inuvik now for six years.

Food security in the North is very important to Kaytlin, and she’s proud of her time with the Inuvik Greenhouse, helping to focus on empowering people in Inuvik and other communities in the Beaufort Delta to grow their own food.

“I feel passionate about not just gardening, but in encouraging and assisting others to grow fresh healthy food.”

Amanda King

Position: Health and Safety

Besides gardening, Amanda loves hot air ballooning: she was on a crew for eight years!

“AK” hails from the Greater Moncton area of New Brunswick, but Inuvik has been home for the past two years.

A member of the Inuvik Community Greenhouse since 2019, she joined the Board of Directors in September 2020. Providing healthy options to the community “is in my roots…get it? My roots!”

If she could be any vegetable, she’d be a zucchini:
“I can thrive just about anywhere.”

Her grandfather had a massive garden each year and sold the vegetables at a low cost to his community members. She loves that the greenhouse also provides a sense of community, here in Inuvik. She believes the town will really appreciate the difference and the sense of community as whole, which the greenhouse can provide.

“I think we all need that after the past year.”

Gail Ann Raddi

Position: Community Liason

Gail is most recognized as a local seamstress whose works are highly sought after.

A proud Gwich’in and Inuvialuit woman who was born and raised in Inuvik, Gail is a hard-working mother of seven who loves to be on the land with her family.

Gail has spent much of her life within the Delta, learning as much traditional knowledge as she could; now that she’s empowered with these teachings, she has made it part of her life’s work to share that knowledge with Indigenous youth to help reconnect them with their roots.

Gail is a familiar face within our community as she takes part in many facets within the Beaufort Delta. Gail is a member of the Canadian Rangers and also leads the Canadian Junior Rangers here in Inuvik. She volunteers her time with many organizations and she has recently joined the Inuvik Community Greenhouse Board of Directors.

Anna Leon

Position: Secretary

If you could be any vegetable, Anna, what would you be? “A pea in a pod.”

Anna moved to Inuvik in 2018, from Northern B.C. She’s been a greenhouse member since then, becoming a board member in 2020.

“It’s important to me that greenhouses thrive in the Beaufort Delta because I think sustainable, local food sources are very important for food sovereignty and reliability whether it’s food from the land or food we grow and produce ourselves.” 

Anna believes that the greenhouse is an “integral part” of her mental health and self care. She also loves to teach her own children about the wonders and importance of gardening.

This season, she looks forward to the potential of a new, year-round hydroponics facility, as well as enjoying the planning and planting of her own plot. That, and the picking out flowers.