In case you missed it… we need summer staff for the 2018 season!

Check out https://inuvikgreenhouse.com/job-posting/ for our 2 positions. We are recruiting for Summer Coordinator and also for Student Interns.

Resumes accepted through info@inuvikgreenhouse.com only!

Deadline to apply: March 5th, 2018

Raffle Tickets available!

We are raising funds by a new means this year! Instead of weekly Bingo, we will be doing a larger raffle. Tickets are $20 and you can get them from one of our ticket seller members (Jenette White, Gloria Watsyk, Paul Watters, Amanda Chaulk, Karen Maxwell, Elise Decarie-Jean – and a few more to potentially be added!) or directly from the greenhouse (by email – info@inuvikgreenhouse.com)

We hope to get away from our volunteers spending so much time at the Dome on Mondays, and also offering a great incentive to buy a ticket – COME VISIT US! You don’t have to live in Inuvik to win!!!! 

Good Food Organization Program!

The Inuvik Community Greenhouse joins organizations from across Canada in working towards a healthy and equitable food system

Inuvik, NT, Canada — It’s a good food (and news!) story. The Inuvik Community Greenhouse is pleased to announce that we have joined Community Food Centres Canada’s Good Food Organizations program to showcase our commitment to offering impactful community food programs based in principles of health, empowerment, and respect. With over 130 other Good Food Organizations and eight Community Food Centres across the country, we are working toward a healthy and fair food system.

Launched in 2014, the Good Food Organizations program offers access to tools and resources, customized training, attendance at an annual conference, and chances to network and promote shared priorities. By working together through a set of shared principles, this important initiative connects the Inuvik Community Greenhouse to like-minded and progressive organizations across the country that are using food to tackle problems of poor health, inequality, hunger, and poverty.

2018 is the Inuvik Community Greenhouse’s 20th year in operation, and 2019 will be the 20th growing season. What a perfect time to really look at our mandate of “building community through gardening”. We are proud of all we have accomplished in the last 20 years, but we can always do more! Last year, we started a new initiative, in which we empowered our northern neighbours to work on their own growing power, and produce their own local food. We are excited to expand that program next year, and see more local growers producing high quality, locally grown, fresh produce!

We wanted to become a Good Food Organization to become a part of a network of people who are passionate about food security, and real solutions for those who are trying to feed their families in a sustainable, nutritious and culturally appropriate way.

“The Good Food Organizations program provides support and inspiration to organizations across the country — community health centres, food banks, community markets, and many others — that are doing important grassroots food work,” said Kathryn Scharf COO for Community Food Centres Canada. We have seen how when community food programs foreground healthy food in a dignified setting that offers meaningful opportunities for engagement, there can be a profoundly positive impact on people’s health and overall well-being. We want to amplify these outcomes to build a national case for an investment in healthy food for all.”

See a complete list of the Good Food Organizations here

 Media inquiries: Ray Solotki, Executive Director, Inuvik Community Greenhouse. 867-777-7855 or info@inuvikgreenhouse.com (email is best off season!)

 Media inquiries: Christina Palassio, Director of Communications, Community Food Centres Canada

416 531 8826 ext. 229 or christina@cfccanada.ca

 Inuvik Community Greenhouse – building community through gardening. Visit us at www.inuvikgreenhouse.com or follow @inuvikgh

 The Good Food Organizations program is offered by Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC). CFCC builds health, belonging, and social justice in low-income communities across Canada through the power of food. CFCC also works with the broader food movement to build greater capacity for impact and to empower communities to work toward a healthy and fair food system. For more information, visit www.cfccanada.ca or follow @aplaceforfood.

Convenient Compost Collection in Inuvik

Help reduce your organic wastes, create soil, and support the Inuvik Community Greenhouse!

How does it work? We will come collect your organic waste once a week, every two weeks or once a month – you decide. You will get a reminder email on Monday to tell you to put your compost outside on Tuesday morning. You choose how – a bag, box or container. If you want the container returned, just put your name/address on the outside and we will rinse and return it.   Any organic material (except meat, oil or animal waste) generally can be composted.

How much does it cost? Pick up is prepaid at $5 per pick up. Book 6 or more pick ups in advance, and get 10% off! EMT accepted to info@Inuvikgreenhouse.com

You have the choice of weekly, biweekly or monthly. Biweekly is our recommended amount.
1-5 pick ups prepaid = $5/pick up
6 pick ups (eg. 3 months on biweekly service) = $27
10 pick ups (eg. 5 months on biweekly service) = $45
Contact us for more information or to sign up at info@inuvikgreenhouse.com !!

Pumpkin Contest!

Drop off your pumpkin this week to create a magical “Pumpkin Alley” in the greenhouse. Come by on Friday from 9-11am or 5-7pm to vote for your favourite! Winning pumpkin will receive a 1st place ribbon and $25!

Entry to Greenhouse to view pumpkins by donation!

For those dropping off pumpkins, please write your name and number on the bottom! As no one is on site, pumpkins can be left in the entry way. 

YOGA! And beer?? August 12th from 7-8pm at the Greenhouse!

As Watercolour 101 suggested to us, folks in Inuvik are looking for something new to do in the evenings. When our yoga instructor, Kim, suggested a beer yoga event… we thought the heat upstairs was perhaps getting to her! However, it turns out that other folks in the south are taking this up, and it is a LOT of fun!

This started in Germany, and is basically an event where you practice yoga and incorporate beer drinking. It is fun, funny and totally safe – although we will ask you to sign a waiver to take part!

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. You will be given 2 free beer (or cider), which will be given out at the 0 minute and 30 minute mark of the class. After the event, you will be invited to stay for our licensed trivia night (tickets are $5… but free to yoga participants).

Contact info@inuvikgreenhouse.com for more information, or to purchase a ticket! Maximum 30 participants for this event (and we have some yoga mats if you need them!)

Sorry… must be 19 or older to take part!

What IS that!?


full Monday | In the Garden with Janet Carson

Last night a member asked me to identify a beautiful yellow flower in her garden. It was her Pak Choi, bolting! Quick! Catch it!

Ok, that is a bad gardening joke, but really, it means that the growth is running away on the plant and happening way faster than usual. In a space like ours, this happens quickly. You can water and weed on a Friday and come back to a plot full of yellow and white flowers on Sunday! Your plant just got too hot and sensed the end was near – so put out flowers in an attempt to rapidly create a new generation before its demise.

What was odd about her situation, was that she didn’t actually plant a pak choi in her garden… and this is the other side of bolting. If you do not take care of those flowers, they will send out their seeds to take root in other plots.

In some plants, especially herbs, you can often reverse the bolting by cutting off the flowers and trimming back the leaves. However, if your pak choi, lettuce, spinach and broccoli are going, there isn’t much hope for them.  You can still harvest the leaves – so don’t just throw them out.

In the greenhouse, this means we are seeing a lot of yellow flowers in the trash. Please remember to compost your green matter, and in the case of bolting flowers, either eat them (cilantro flowers = coriander if you dry them) or put them in the weed bin.

Arctic Market 2017

From June 13th until September 26th, every Tuesday, the much anticipated Arctic Market will be hosted in the Inuvik Community Greenhouse. From 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM, the Greenhouse will open it’s doors to vendors, locals, and tourists. Since starting on the 13th, we have seen a huge success with the market and want to thank everyone involved for the tremendous start to the season.

The market makes a space available for vendors to sell their local products and food. This includes anything from craft work to homemade baked goods, and even sushi. It’s also a great way to enjoy the beautiful space the greenhouse provides. We hope you enjoy the market season from now until September!

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, please email info@inuvikgreenhouse.com. The cost per table each night is $5 and $50 for the season. If you need electrical, it will cost $10 a night, and $100 per season. If you’re a non-profit or charitable organization, no need to worry – you’re table cost is covered! Keep in mind that if you are a food vendor, you must have a food permit and have a printed copy on you for the duration of the market or you cannot have a table.

We welcome everyone to come check out the market and hope to see you in the future!